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Scissor Sisters slash

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March 18th, 2007

09:24 am
Hello! *waves*
I know this hasn't been updated for about like, a year, but I found it and had to write a slash :P
I'm not the bestest writer, either, but i hope you enjoy it.
Oh, and comment please, coz a) You're wonderful like that, b) I love comments and c) I'll give you hugs :)

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March 17th, 2006

03:34 pm
hello, Im obviously new. Just wanted to say that Im a huge fan of the scissor sisters, especially Del Marquis. And I'll probably be posting a fic with him in it. I've been thinking of a Baby daddy/Del fic, but don't know how many people would like to read it. So let me know what you guys think of that idea, and add any suggestions you want. Thanx!

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February 16th, 2006

10:57 pm
Title: Lust In The Movies (chapter1)
Pairing: Ana Matronic/Alison Goldfrapp
Rating: Erm... PG mabybe?
Disclaimer: This is fan FICTION, the events never actually happened(but we can still hope)

riding through the city with a shotgun...Collapse )

Enjoy. If you want more then comment telling me.

This is Ana and Alison Goldfrapp of the band Goldfrapp femmeslash(they've only just met so nothing sexual happens) search her on google if you don't know of her.
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October 24th, 2005

10:45 pm
::pokes community::

Author Notes:
::So, it's a quick little AU-fic with Jake and...Cillian Murphy in a performing arts high school together. I'm thinking of it becoming a series with more pornan actual plot.

::If you don't know who Cillian Murphy is, then, well, Google Image Search him. He was in 28 Days Later, Batman Begins, Red Eye, and the upcoming Breakfast On Pluto, where he will in fact be playing a transvestite. He is wonderful to the millionth degree, and only Jake deserves him.

::I originally wrote this to be a Harry/Draco birthday present for a friend, but I've decided I like the Jake/Cillian much more.

::I use Jake's name as Jake Sellards in this, beacuse someone calling him "Mr. Shears" seemed kinda odd. So...Jake Sellards.

::Yes, Anderson Cooper has a brief role. And yes, Keith Olbermann is mentioned. I've got to squeeze in those other fandoms somewhere!

::As of now, my writing is currently being controlled not by my head, but by my pants. I lay all blame on them.

this is not porn masquerading as a story, because it is in no way pretending to be a story.Collapse )
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July 20th, 2005

10:41 pm - Fic
Title: London Calling
Author: dream_aloud
Pairing: Jake Shears/Anderson Cooper
Rating: NC-17
Info: Anderson heads out to report on the London tragedy, Jake is on the Euro tour. Cue the swanky background music. For some people who might, sadly, not know who Anderson is, go here. I've also put a pic under the cut.
Enjoy and if you like them I'm posting more at my LJ tomorrow.

ca-lick meCollapse )
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May 11th, 2005

04:25 pm
Well, what a fantastic idea for a community!

*gets writing*

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March 9th, 2005

03:01 pm - My fic is ready
Please check it out at www.livejournal.com/users/juicy_melons/ and tell me what you think it's only chapter 1 at the moment but it should expand soon
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February 24th, 2005

08:26 pm - a little help.......
Hi i'm new but thats not important, i'v got an idea for a fic with either Jake or Del M(i cant spell the second bit) and this drop dead filthy/gorgeous actor Adrian Rayment the only problem is i cant think of a situation were they meet GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!! Any one got any ideas? There is no such think as a stupid idea just stupid people lol just playing
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January 31st, 2005

02:05 pm - Triangle
ChapterCollapse )
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December 6th, 2004

02:23 pm
Okay, now that there's some people here...

Get with the writing people!!!
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