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Title: Lust In The Movies (chapter1) Pairing: Ana Matronic/Alison… - Scissor Sisters slash

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February 16th, 2006

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10:57 pm
Title: Lust In The Movies (chapter1)
Pairing: Ana Matronic/Alison Goldfrapp
Rating: Erm... PG mabybe?
Disclaimer: This is fan FICTION, the events never actually happened(but we can still hope)

Title: Lust In The Movies (chapter1)
Pairing: Ana Matronic/Alison Goldfrapp
Rating: A(alcohol) K(kissing) E(eyeliner)
Disclaimer: This is fan FICTION, the events never actually happened(but we can still hope)

Ana Matronic sat at a table of a music magazine'saward ceremony with her band mates. They hadn't been nominated for anything, but had been invited anyway.Ana came for the free music and champagne.They'd arrived early for once. Hardly anyone was there, the press hadn't even arrived yet. So Ana went to the bathroom to correct her makeup she'd attempted to do in the car. She took a glimpse at herself in the mirror.
"Ohmygod, my eyeliner looks terrible! Why didn't anyone tell me?" she thought aloud while pulling her eyeliner pencil from her bag. Then she heard a toilet flush, and realised she wasn't the only one there.
Alison, of the band Goldfrapp, emerged from the cubicle, and washed her hands.
Alison felt herself feeing with nerves, not only had Goldfrapp been nominated for two awards, but she rather liked Ana.
Ana could feel herself feeling sick. She had the biggest crush ever on Alison.
"You still look amazing!" Alison reassured Ana.
Ana blushed tomato red. "Thanks," she whispered, trying not to fall over from the kindness of the woman she loved.
"Thats an ace dress!" Ana told Alison.
Alison, not one to usually substitute her skin-tight jumpsuit for a dress said, "Thanks, but it's really uncomfortable!"
There was a loud tune that vaguely resembled 'Hong Kong Garden' by Siouxsie and the Banshees in an annoying high pitch came from Ana's bag.
Jake was calling her.
Ana reluctantly picked up the phone.
"Hey Jake, what's up?" she asked.
"Babydaddy told me to phone you to say that," Jake paused, Ana was worried, was this to create suspense or was it badnews?, "...The champagne's here!"
"Awesome! I'll be there in a few minutes!"
Ana hung up and put her phone back into her bag.
"The champagnes arrived!" Ana declared to Alison
"Oh at last!" Alison sighed, "I thought it's never get here!"
"I'm sorry, i'll have to get back to our table before someone steals my champers!"
"I'll walk with you," Alison said.
"Okay," said Ana. Anything so she could stay with Alison for longer.
Del Marquis strolled up to Ana and Alison on their way. Ana had already confessed to him(and Paddy Boom, as they were the quietest of the group) of her megacrush on Alison.
"Hey Alison!" He said in a voice like he was remembering something.
"Del? Have You got...stubble?" said Alison.
"Yes! I quite like it!" Del decided.
"You two know eachother?" questioned Ana.
"Yeah! We met at... V Festival last year?"Alison paused, "Yeah! Must've been!"
"Ah," thought Ana.
"You have a table yet, Alison?" Del asked.
"Nope, and it looks like i'm on my own 'cause Will's got this bug that's going around."
"Jake had that last week! Coughing and sneezing forever!" Said Del, yes, he'd know.
"You wanna join us?" Ana asked. Fingers crossed she'd say yes, and pulling her out a chair.
"Yeah! That's be cool!" Alison replied, kissing Ana on the cheek.
Ana smiled and blushed terribly. Did she kiss me in a freindly way, or more? Ana thought to herself.
Ana and Alison tried to stop themselves blushing too much by sipping on the champagne Del had got them.
Then a figure wearing a spandex outfit in some sort of animal print seemed to appear out of no where behind Del. It was Jake. Slowly followed by Baby Daddy and Paddy Boom, who had bought several bottles of champagne under their arms.
The awards ceremony started about five minutes later, after everyone seemed to know Alison a little better, although Ana seemed to do all the talking, but what else were the endless nights scowering the internet for interveiws supposed to have done?
The first award was 'Best British Album', Alison's band Goldfrapp's third album, Supernature, had been nominated. The competition was difficult, she was up against an old britpop band's new album, the latest album of an ex-Beatle, and several new band's debuts.
The winner was announced by Placebo frontman, Brian Molko. He went up to the stage, award in hand, asked the fans to buy the new album (although he got hushed by several people opperating cameras). Then said, "Thank god! It's 'Supernature' by Goldfrapp!"
Alison, shocked as she thought the Britpop band would win, walked up to the stage. The Britpop band were caught mouthing something rude to a camera.
Alison made a speach, asking Will Greggory to get better soon, and thanking the fans. She then hurried backstage (so she could get back to Ana sooner) to do photos, mini-interviews, and other things simmilar.
"Del, how come you knew her and didn't tell me?" Ana whispered so quietly Del could only guess what she was saying.
"I'm sorry Ana, I forgot, you meet so many people at these festivals that you forget some of them!"Del thought sharply.
"Yeah, but she's hott and amazing, how can you forget her?"
"Ana, listen to me, honestly, i'm sorry."
"Fine, fine, apology accepted!"
"I've seen the way she looks at you, and laughs at all your jokes and everything."
"Shut up Del!" said Ana, "Shut up! She's coming back!"
"Congratulations!" they all said. Baby Daddy and Jake (now drunk and all over each other, much to Del's dissapointment, as he was envious of Baby Daddy) poured everyone more champagne.
As vicious sounding band played on. Jake and Baby Daddy were running around dancing. Del was looking miserable, the only thing that made him smile was Jake. Ana and Alison longed to be with eachother far too much.
The awards carried on, no-one at their table knew who'd won what, and no-one had noticed Paddy Boom (as he hadn't drunk even a whole glass of champagne, he was driving) and he'd begun using bottles and glasses as a drum set.
Ana felt a hand on her leg. she glanced down, it was Alison' small, pale hand. They both thought to themselves the same thing.
I'm going to have to tell her how I feel
An award had just been given, no-one at their table knew what it was for(except Paddy Boom, but he didn't want to say) but everyone began to talk amongst themselves.
Alison's hand began stroking Ana's leg, and Ana placed her hand ontop of Alison's.
In unison, like it had been practiced before, declarations came from their table.
"I love you," they said.
They looked deep into eachothers eyes, gulped, and Del smiled for the first time that night without it being made by Jake.
"Make out why don't'cha?" Jake teased.
They blushed, hugged, and kissed eachother on the cheek. They knew they hadn't made out, but it felt just as good.

Enjoy. If you want more then comment telling me.

This is Ana and Alison Goldfrapp of the band Goldfrapp femmeslash(they've only just met so nothing sexual happens) search her on google if you don't know of her.
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