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Hello! *waves* I know this hasn't been updated for about like, a… - Scissor Sisters slash

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March 18th, 2007

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09:24 am
Hello! *waves*
I know this hasn't been updated for about like, a year, but I found it and had to write a slash :P
I'm not the bestest writer, either, but i hope you enjoy it.
Oh, and comment please, coz a) You're wonderful like that, b) I love comments and c) I'll give you hugs :)

Ah, Hello again. Are you sitting comfortably? Goody. Then we shall begin...
It was after the show and I was heading towards Jake’s dressing room. I found the door slightly ajar, silently went in, and closed the door behind me. Jake heard the door click shut and stood up to greet me.
‘Del,’ he grinned
I smiled back, but much more to my amusement. He stood there, soaked in sweat, his hair ruffled, only in a pair of boxers, and yet, I could never have found him more attractive. He went and sat down on his sofa, and I went and joined him. I looked deep into his eyes, and moved closer to him. Our lips touched, and I opened my mouth. His tongue crept into my mouth, as mine crept into his. I let out a deep moan, and pulled him closer. He broke the kiss, leant back, and looked me up and down.
‘You’re wearing too many clothes,’ he said. I laughed as he undid the buttons on my shirt. He undid my trousers, and suddenly seemed to remove all my clothes, bar boxers, in one go.
‘You’ve had practise at this,’ I said. He grinned and I pushed him back so he was lying down on the sofa. I climbed on top of him, and we kissed again. I felt the wet warmth against my body and groaned again. I adjusted my self slightly so our cocks were rubbing through the fabric of our boxers. Jake grunted; a deep forceful moan.
I moved down to his neck, licking and kissing his sweaty skin. He arched his back, pushing against me, as I moved down. I licked his right nipple, and gently bit it. A load groan came from Jake’s mouth, and he arched his back again. I moved on down, licking every part of him I could. I came to his boxers and pulled them down, revealing his rock hard cock. I licked the length, and smiled as his gasp as I licked the top. I pushed myself back up and kissed his neck again. He pushed down my boxers, and I felt his cock against mine, skin against skin. I moaned and bit into his neck, leaving a large love bite. He grunted and moved his hands over my body.
Suddenly he pushed me off him, and stood up on the floor. I immediately knew what he wanted, and got on my knees - my face level with his cock. I grabbed hold of the base, and licked the top. Jake groaned again as I put the whole of his cock into my mouth. I started moving back and forth, feeling his cock throbbing, starting up a rhythm. Jake started groaning more and more, I echoed him, knowing he was soon going to come. I moved faster, as Jake started shouting my name. Load after load of warm cum exploded into my mouth. I swallowed it all, as Jake collapsed on the sofa.
I lay next to him, and he grabbed my cock. He moved his hand slowly up and down, as I grunted and moaned with increasing pleasure. Jake started rubbing faster, and it didn’t take long for me to come. I grunted loader then ever, my back arched, my eyes clamped shut. I then felt Jake’s mouth over my cock, and a shouted his name, over and over. He went back to just rubbing my cock as I came, my cock throbbing, as more and more cum landed all over my body. I lay there panting, as Jake gently licked up the cum on my body. We looked into each other’s eyes for a while, and we kissed. I climbed on top of him again…

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Current Music: Sleep - My Chemical Romance

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